Preferred Customer Program Information

This portion of our Web site provides information regarding our preferred customer discount program called "Cucina Credits". If you are already an existing cybercucina customer and wish to obtain your Cucina Credits balance or your discount code, click here to sign into your account.

The Cucina Credits program allows you to earn a generous discount on a shopping spree at our site, based upon your past purchases with us. When you have spent a total of at least $250 with us over time you can claim a discount code that allows you an unlimited shopping spree at a 10% discount!

The salient features of our program are:

  • Accruing Cucina Credits-- We credit your account with one Cucina Credit for each dollar of product purchased from us, subject to the following exclusions. We specifically exclude sale items, shipping and handling charges, taxes (if any), or orders which have been purchased at a discount due to this or any other discounting program that we may offer.
  • Obtaining Your Cucina Credits Balance-- Your current Cucina Credits balance information is always available. Simply go to Your Account Information, sign into your account, then click the appropriate button to display your Cucina Credits balance. Note that your account is updated when your order is shipped; therefore a recently placed order may not be reflected in your balance until then.
  • Spending Cucina Credits -- When you have accrued at least 250 Cucina Credits, you are entitled to receive a one day discounted shopping spree at a 10% discount. This means that you may purchase an unlimited amount of products at this discount. We even allow you to receive this discount on multiple orders placed on this same day. You must employ a unique discount code that we give you to claim your discounted shopping spree (see below). Please note that we do not discount Auto Delivery (Subscription) items, sale items, shipping and handling charges, or sales taxes (if any).
  • Obtaining Your Cucina Credits Discount Code -- When you have accrued sufficient Cucina Credits and are ready for your one day shopping spree, you must first obtain a unique discount code. To obtain your code, go to Your Account Information, sign into your account, display your Cucina Credits balance, and click the button to request your discount code. When placing your order(s) during your shopping spree, enter this discount code into the order form at checkout time. Our software will then apply the discount to your order.
  • Placing Multiple Orders -- We have set our program up to allow for a one day shoping spree instead of a single order so that you may not only place an order that goes back to yourself, but you may also place discounted orders for gifts to be shipped to others. Simply use the same discount code on each order placed during the same day.
  • No Enrollment Needed -- You need do nothing to enroll in this program. All cyberucina customers are eligible and automattically accrue Cucina Credits. Please note that this program is subject to change or termination without notice.

To check your current Cucina Credits balance, or to receive you discount code, click here to sign into your account