One of the great rituals for food-loving Italians is the annual tasting of freshly pressed olive oil. The harvest of green olives right before Christmas ensures this traditional holiday treat. New olive oil is usually called nuovo in the north and novello in the south; both words mean new, or fresh. In the case of extra virgin olive oil, this means creamy, piquant, zesty, unfiltered and completely untamed by months in the settling tank. Save 10% off the regular price when you pre-order this luxurious elixir.

Fratelli APrile Olio Novello
ShopFratelli Aprile Il Olio Novello 274th, 2016 Harvest

Pre-Order Price $34.15

Olio Verde Novello
Olio Verde Novello, 2016 Harvest

Pre-Order Price $44.11

Tenuta di Capezzan Olio Nuovo
Tenuta di Capezzana Olio Nuovo, 2016 Harvest

Pre-Order Price $47.79

Laudemio First Pressing

Frescobaldi Laudemio First Pressing, 2016 Harvest

Pre-Order Price $32.31

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