La Favorita has considerable experience producing choice gastronomic specialties using only the best quality natural ingredients, no food dyes or preservatives, and according to old traditional cooking methods and recipes. They use the finest selected durum wheat flour and create their pasta shapes with bronze draw plates.

We have added two new excellent pasta varieties, Penne and Fusilli. The Fusilli was recently used to make 3 lbs of macaroni with four cheeses for a catering event that included teens to adults. It held up beautifully and the reviews were unanimous…two thumbs up! (Mouths were too full to speak.)

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La Favorita Penne
La Favorita Durum Wheat Penne

La Favorita Penne is ready for your best sauce. The diagonal shape makes it perfect for baked dishes, or to top with meat sauces or vegetable sauces like one made with peppers, zucchini and onions.



La Favorita Fusilli
La Favorita Durum Wheat Fusilli

La Favorita Fusilli is ready for your best sauce. Fusilli are especially tasty with a ragu sauce, Bolognese, or with a marinara adding eggplant, olives and capers. The spiral shape helps to hold ingredients in its folds.

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La Favorita
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Durum Wheat Penne and Fusilli
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