a l'ancienne drinking chocolate

Les Confitures a l’Ancienne
Drinking Chocolate, 2.2 lb

This rich, decadent powdered drinking chocolate is by far our customer’s favorite beverage. We started our love affair with Les Confitures a l’Ancienne Powdered Chocolate back in 2002 when it won the NASFT Outstanding Beverage Award. Our commitment has never wavered. That’s why we are so happy, after a brief hiatus, to offer it once again to our faithful chocolate drinkers.

Les Confitures a l’Ancienne Powdered Chocolate’s body yields undertones of fruitiness, which blend with natural vanilla for a subtle and smooth finish. The careful roasting of the cocoa beans, selected from renowned provenances, brings out the natural aroma of the beans ripened in the tropics. Raw cane sugar sweetens the deal.

Serve it hot for breakfast with fresh warm croissants or scones smeared with fresh creamed butter and strawberry, raspberry, or apricot preserves. For an evening dessert, a slice of orange scented poundcake or lavender shortbread cookies transport you to another world. In the summertime, pour the liquid chocolate into ice cube trays and drop into morning coffee for an iced mocha. Alternately, pour into a loaf pan and freeze. Use a large metal spoon to scrape off the top for a luscious granita.

Any way you serve it, beware, it is addictive!

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Les Confitures a l'Ancienne
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Powdered Drinking Chocolate
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