With recent reports and recalls of inhumane treatment on cattle now is the perfect time to switch to beef that is grass-fed and naturally raised!  We are pleased to say that we only sell this type of meat.


Of course we can rave about the benefits and taste of grass-fed beef; however, consumers need to find out for themselves. 


During the course of the next few weeks, we are going to be running a weekly blog post about Grass-fed Beef.  These posts will touch on the matters most important – health benefits to the consumer as well as the animals and the methods in which the cattle are raised.


This first post is quite simple – it is the credo of Grass Fed Beef:

 I am grassfed Beef. I am the best, healthiest and most delicious brand of grass-fed raised beef you can buy. I come from a rare genetic stock whose historic origins are verified and fully traceable. I come from cattle that spent their lives on open range or improved pastures eating only natural forages.  No synthetic growth hormones, no animal by-product and no antibiotics were ever involved in my production. I come from good stewards of the land – independent ranchers and farmers who raise cattle in a time-honored manner that sustains and enriches the environment, and treat all their animals in a humane manner from birth to harvest. I taste as good as prime beef, but am better for your health. 

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