Tallgrass Beef is the leader in selling this wonderful and healthy beef.  Tallgrass is committed to helping customers discover a better way of life or what they like to call Beef 360.  To them Beef 360 simply means: To live Beef 360 means to take on the full, 360 degree set of concerns for producing our beef.  From promoting a healthy diet, finding the best tasting beef, and reducing environmental stress, to supporting the local economies of the U.S., we’ve committed to live in the best practices we know of for the sake of our planet, our health, our animals and our future. 

Below is a quick run-down of the benefits of Grassfed Beef.


Benefits of Grass-Fed Beef


Tallgrass Grass Fed Beef is high in CLA’s, Omega-3’s, Branch Chain Amino Acids, Dietary Protein, Vitamins A & E, and other Antioxidants


Tallgrass Grass Fed Beef cattle are NEVER fed antibiotics, hormones, or animal byproducts.


Tallgrass cattle are not confined to feedlots and always have access to pastures, meadows, and prairies.


Tallgrass beef is produced from selecte heritage genetics with bloodlines tracing back to the original European bloodlines imported into the US over 100 years ago.


Tallgrass uses a cutting edge ultrasound technology, that is completely non-invasive and benign, to select for only the highest quality and most tender beef.


Tallgrass cattle are produced in a manner that not only is environmentally friendly but also contributes to the removal of carbon from the atmosphere through carbon sequestration.


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