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Seggiano Raw Acacia Honey
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Seggiano Raw Acacia Honey

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Seggiano Raw Acacia Honey

All Natural Ingredients Auto Delivery Eligible

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One of the few honeys which remains naturally liquid over time, acacia honey is light and easily digested, with a pure and delicately fragrant taste.

At springtime in the valleys surrounding Civita di Bagnoregio, the dawn is permeated with the heady scent of acacia blossom. From this nectar, Mauro Pagliaccia’s bees produce an immaculate limpid gold, ambrosial honey.

The careful husbandry of his bee families, cold extraction of their honey and Mauro’s personal pride in its excellence ensure natural, raw honeys of rare taste and quality.

Seggiano donates a percentage of honey sales to fund bee colony collapse research.

Each jar contains 17.5 oz net weight of Raw Acacia Honey by Seggiano.

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Very Good February 2, 2015
Very good product.
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