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Fresh Walnut Preserves, All Natural (Armenia)
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Fresh Walnut Preserves, All Natural (Armenia)

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Brand: Harvest Song
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Tags: Armenian, cheese accompaniment, Mount Ararat Valley, All Natural Ingredients, Gluten Free, Award Winning Product, Auto Delivery Eligible

Fresh Walnut Preserves, All Natural (Armenia)

All Natural Ingredients Gluten Free Award Winning Product Auto Delivery Eligible

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Our Fresh Walnut Preserves are artisanally produced by Harvest Song in the Ararat Valley of Armenia. It is a completely natural product whose only ingredients are very simply walnuts, sugar, and a bit of citric acid as a natural preservative. Harvest Song maintains a spectacular fruit taste which can only be achieved by individually processing small batches of selected ripe fruit with the skill and care that large-scale processing cannot match.

The fruits themselves are nourished by the volcanic soil of Mt. Ararat, the spring waters, direct sun, and thin air of the Ararat Valley. The top of each jar is covered with beautiful hand made rice paper in various colors for each fruit.

Fresh Walnut Preserves pair well with cheeses such as Stilton and are served in fine restaurants with various pates and game.

These are whole walnuts that look like giant black olives. They maintain a slightly crisp center with a sweet soft exterior layer. They may be served whole or sliced and create quite a sensation when tasted for the first time.

Each jar of Fresh Walnut Preserves contains 18.9 oz.

This Rating 2 Stars:
Was not what I expected July 6, 2014
I did not care for this product. Would not purchase again.
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This Rating 4.5 Stars:
Great Nuts July 25, 2012
Delicious and unusual. The syrup is better than the nut.
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Harvest Song’s preserves take advantage of the best of nature by picking fresh baby walnuts (before the outer shell forms) and curing them in syrup.

These subtly sweet, semi-firm textured walnuts are ideal when paired with blue cheeses and chevres, and provide just the right garnish with foie gras, pate, and game dishes.

When thinly sliced, their intricate interiors are worth studying as their uniqueness adds the perfect touch to specialty foods—including ice cream.

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