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Saffron (Azafran) Powder - 10 Packets 1.25 Grams Total (Spain)
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Saffron (Azafran) Powder - 10 Packets 1.25 Grams Total (Spain)

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Saffron (Azafran) Powder - 10 Packets 1.25 Grams Total (Spain)

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Originally grown in Asia Minor, saffron soon spread to the Mediterranean basin. In autumn, the mauve flowers of the saffron crocus open out to reveal very long stigma, which are gathered with the utmost care. They produce an exceptional brilliant yellow spice with a lingering perfume.

Saffron is so strong that it should be added only b y the pinch, and in dry dishes, the thread or powder should first be steeped in a little hot water for about 15 minutes. Obligatory in paella, risotto alla Milanese and bouillabaisse, it adds exquisite subtlety to the juice of citrus fruits poured over a fruit salad of apples and pears.

Our saffron comes from selected Spanish farmers in La Mancha region and is of the highest quality. It is not adulterated with other parts of the flower, which means that much less is needed for each dish. It also means they will taste better.

These packets of Saffron Powder by Pina each contain .125g enough to flavor about four servings of rice. They are not only convenient since they dissolve quickly in any warm liquid, but since they are individually sealed, they will always be fresh and at their utmost taste and fragrance.

Each bag contains 10 packets of Saffron Powder with each packet containing .125g.

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The Most Expensive Spice in the World July 19, 2016
Yes, it's true. But I don't care. It's also the most delicious as far as I'm concerned. That doesn't mean I won't search for the best deal I can get to buy this spice. I grew up on this spice. My mother made risotto alla milanesse all the time for the family and it called for saffron which gave the rice a lovely golden yellow color and beautiful distinctive taste that is hard for me to describe. It's floral and yet it isn't. Just beautiful. Now I'm making myself hungry. I have to go make myself some risotto. The beautiful about saffron is that a little goes a long way. I'm glad I found Cyber Cucina because it carries so many of my favorite things.
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