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Cranberry Beans (Borlotti) by D'Allasandro
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Cranberry Beans (Borlotti) by D'Allasandro

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Tags: cranberry, beans, Barlotti, pasta e fagioli, pinto, white, salad, Low Fat

Cranberry Beans (Borlotti) by D'Allasandro

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Cranberry Beans are known for their creamy texture with a flavor similar to chestnuts. Cranberry beans are rounded with red specks, which disappear on cooking. These beans are a favorite in northern Italy and Spain and are often used in pasta and soup dishes such as Pasta e Fagioli.

According to the USDA, the American 'cranberry bean' is the same bean as the Italian 'borlotti' and, as a matter of fact, a large percentage of the 'borlotti' beans sold in Italy are actually 'cranberry beans' imported from the U.S.

Soaking these dried Cranberry Beans for a couple of hours brings them back to life, activating enzymes, proteins. minerals and vitamins. Since they only contain 2-3% fat and are high in protein and carbohydrates, they are the perfect food for fat-restricted diets and also work to lower cholesterol.

Each bag contains 12 ounces (341 grams) of dried Cranberry Beans by D'Allasandro.

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Cranberry Beans October 18, 2013
Again, I am not able to access the stars to rate this product, but I would give them a 5 star rating. I love to make homemade Minnestrone soup and I always use the cranberry beans. They are not only good tasting but hearty enough to cook for a long period of time without turning to mush. Either fresh or in these packages, the beans are full of wonderful flavor.
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