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Spanish Artichoke Hearts
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Spanish Artichoke Hearts

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Spanish Artichoke Hearts

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From the conservasartesanas (artisanal conservation) of MariaJesus come these excellent artichoke hearts from Navarra, Spain. The large size of the artichokes used makes them succulent and juicy. The flesh is meltingly soft which allows for excellent incorporation in various types of recipes. These artichokes are preserved soon after collection in order to keep all of their vitamin and nutritional values intact. Each jar contains approximately 22 artichoke hearts simply preserved in water and salt.

Artichokes are very rich insoluble fiber, which makes them a perfect ingredient to help reduce bad cholesterol. They are, of course, integral to the Mediterranean cuisine, but are becoming very popular in all-American recipes such as various versions of artichoke dips.

Each jar of MariaJesus Artichoke Hearts contains 14.5 oz. or 400g of drained weight or approximately 22 artichoke hearts.

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