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Vodka Tipsy Fiery Olives
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Vodka Tipsy Fiery Olives

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Brand: Sable and Rosenfeld
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Manufacturer: Sable and Rosenfeld
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UPC / EAN Code: 069702900513

Tags: vodka, fiery, peppers, Spanish, Turkish, cocktails, bar, All Natural Ingredients, Gluten Free, Fat Free, Cholesterol Free, Auto Delivery Eligible

Vodka Tipsy Fiery Olives

All Natural Ingredients Gluten Free Fat Free Cholesterol Free Auto Delivery Eligible

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Vodka Tipsy Fiery Olives by Sable & Rosenfeld is an all-natural product essential to a well stocked bar. Large Spanish olives are stuffed with a large Turkish red pepper and then bathed in Vodka. These olives are fiery hot, crunchy and delicious. Use as a garnish for martinis, Bloody Marys (recipe for a Mexican Mary is printed on each bottle) or other cocktails. Or simply serve with your favorite sandwich or relish tray.

Each bottle of Sable & Rosenfeld Vodka Tipsy Fiery Olives contains approximately 27 olives.

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All Natural IngredientsAll Natural Ingredients
This product is made using all natural ingredients.
Gluten FreeGluten Free
This product does not contain gluten.
Fat FreeFat Free
This is a fat free product.
Cholesterol FreeCholesterol Free
This product is cholesterol free; consult the product label for details and further information.
Auto Delivery EligibleAuto Delivery Eligible
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