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Assorted Spanish Olive Mix (Food Service Size) (Case of 4 - 141 Ounce Jars)
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Assorted Spanish Olive Mix (Food Service Size) (Case of 4 - 141 Ounce Jars)

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Brand: Romanico
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Manufacturer: Romanico
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UPC / EAN Code: 852470001496

Tags: Spanish, tapas, Manzanilla, Arbequina, Cracked, Caspe, Empeltre, appetizers, Wholesale Pricing Available

Assorted Spanish Olive Mix (Food Service Size) (Case of 4 - 141 Ounce Jars)

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Perfect for tapas and appetizer plates, these assorted Spanish olives are great for parties, catered events, and food service. Manzanilla, Cracked Caspe-Moron, Black Empletre, and Arbequina olives make up this mix jarred in brine.

Manzanilla olives from Andalucia, also known as “Spanish olives,” are small to medium in size and are greenish brown in color with a firm, meaty texture and slight almond taste. They are often used in antipasti platters and are sometimes added to cooked dishes like arroz con pollo. Manzanilla Olives contain many minerals and vitamins; especially carotenes, and also contain a lot of fiber.

Cracked Caspe-Moron olives are cultivated in the Caspe region of Aragon, near the Ebro Valley. Heart-shaped, they have a very distinct flavor, and are pleasant to the palate. Caspe-Moron or Broken olives are cracked before they are cured for 3-4 months to help tenderize them and bring out their full olive flavor.

Black Empeltre Olives are picked ripe and cured for 12-14 months. They have a high nutritional value in unsaturated fats and a good deal of fiber. They have a very sweet taste that makes them irresistible. These Romanico Empeltre Black Olives are harvested in the border region between Catalunya and Aragon.

Arbequina olives are probably the smallest variety of olives in the world. They are hand picked and only the best fruits are selected for table use. Arbequina olives are deal for a snack, appetizer, or salads.

The only ingredients Romanico uses for their olive mix are olives, water, salt, and Mediterranean herbs, like fennel. They are 100% natural, containing no preservatives or artificial flavors.

Each 1 gallon jar contains approximately 5.5 lbs. of Romanico Assorted Spanish Olives from Spain.

When you order this item you will receive one case of 4 - 1 gallon jars of Romanico Assorted Spanish Olives.

This product is specially ordered from our supplier. As a result, please allow 5-7 days processing time before shipment to you.

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