Lemon Panettone by Albertengo (2.2 Pounds)
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Lemon Panettone by Albertengo (2.2 Pounds)

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Lemon Panettone by Albertengo (2.2 Pounds)

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Panettone is a type of light sweet bread originating from Milan that is traditionally served for Christmas and New Year holiday celebrations throughout Europe and South America.

This hand-wrapped panettone is a real specialty! The wonderful dough mixed with soft, fragrant pieces of candied Solagri di Sorrento lemons, with no icing.

Since 1905, the Albertengo family has been making first quality panettone, following the dictates of tradition. The dough (made of flour, yeast, eggs, butter and cane sugar), the slow night-time leavening, the baking for at least 1 hour per kilo, the 14 hour cooling time and the meticulous hand packaging are the steps that represent the tireless efforts of a family, who for four generations, has made the preparation of panettone their company’s mission. The panettone is the family’s way of paying homage to a time of year that is truly unique, when families, like yours and ours, sit around the same table to enjoy a dessert that is truly an Italian tradition and to savor a joyous moment together.

Each Lemon Panettone by Albertengo is 1K or 35.27oz.

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