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French Pate Gift Assortment
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French Pate Gift Assortment

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French Pate Gift Assortment

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Our French Pate Gift Assortment offers a taste of four varieties of Henaff Pork Pate products along with mini cocktail toast and a beautiful Olive Wood Spreader.

Founded by Jean Henaff in 1907, this family business enjoys the premiere position in France. Today grandson Jean-Jacques claims the key has been strict adherence to family tradition and the use of the most premium ingredients. Only family members know the exact recipe that is still kept secret for more than a century.

Henaff Pork Pate is sold by the million each year. This famous Pâté is made only with pork (96%) including hams and fillets, salt, spices and a fraction of sodium nitrite to keep its lovely pink color. Of course, to make the famous Hénaff Pâté it must be enhanced with the little secret “je ne sais quoi” which is the closely guarded Hénaff family secret.

Henaff uses only prime pigs from local farms and traditional finished recipes. Henaff Pork Pate de Campagne is excellent served on toast or crackers and paired with cheese and wine.

Rillettes is an appetizer made usually of pork or goose meat that is diced, seasoned, cooked, and then pounded or ground to the consistency of a spread. Rillettes is wonderful as on toast on its own or in finger sandwiches combined with any number of other ingredients.

Henaff Pork Liver Pate is rich and creamy made with 32% liver, milk and eggs, no added coloring or phosphates. Taste the difference of only the very best ingredients.

Our Life in Provence crisp mini toasts may be served any time of day alone, or as an accompaniment to cheeses, pates, soups and spreads of all sorts. Product of Holland. About 36 pieces.

And, last but certainly not least, we include an Olive Wood Butter/Pate Spreader. Olive Wood's beautiful golden grain adds antiquity and a rustic charm to the table.

We present this entire collection in a ribboned gift box, ready for a gourmet friend or a luscious self-indulgent.

Each French Pate Gift Assortment contains:

  • 1 Henaff Pork Pate
  • 1 Henaff Pork Pate de Campagne
  • 1 Henaff Pork Rillettes
  • 1 Henaff Pork Liver Pate
  • 1 Package Life in Provence Mini Cocktail Toast
  • 1 Olive Wood Spreader

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Tasteless December 13, 2011
Very disappointing. Little flavor and lots of fat.
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