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Balsamic Glaze Assortment
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Balsamic Glaze Assortment

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Balsamic Glaze Assortment

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Over the last several years, we have all become at least mildly addicted to the taste of Balsamic Vinegar. Knowing that some aged Balsamics can become very expensive, we all look for a good quality balsamic that is priced more comfortably for everyday use. Balsamic glazes are the perfect fit, not just for their taste, but for our decorative flare as well. Their viscosity is much better suited for some applications. We have put together four of our favorite glazes, two dark and two light offering endless possibilities for your playful side.

First we offer the glaze from Ora et Labora. This Balsamic Vinegar Glaze is produced at the Abbey of Benedictine Monks in Modena. Their Balsamic Glaze is dark, dense, and syrupy with a sweet and sour flavor that is enhanced by the foods with which it is served. Next we offer Fattoria Estense Decocream. Decocream Red Balsamic Vinegar of Modena I.G.P. is a creamy dressing made with the same care and expertise applied to the other Fattoria products but serves a different purpose for visual presentations. Our first white glaze is Crema di Balsamico Bianco by Casa Rinaldi. White balsamic dressing cream is ideal for garnishing and seasoning meat, fish and vegetables and flavoring ice cream and strawberries. Last but not least we include the Pons Balsamic Glaze which is a sweet and delicate condiment developed with great detail and special care using select full body Balsamic Vinegar of Modena, which is rendered to a sweet and creamy consistency.

Remember by buying the collection of four, you save 10% off their individual price. Each Balsamic Glaze Assortment contains one bottle each of Ora et Labora, Decocream, Crema de Balsamico Bianco, and Pons Balsamic Vinegar Glaze.

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Something new, to me!! July 18, 2017
I just opened the white balsamic vinegar cream and now I am hooked. It is so creamy and smooth on my salads. Oh, and tasty. .
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