Caperberries By Pons
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Caperberries By Pons

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Brand: Pons
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Tags: capers, caperberries, Spain, brine, hand-picked, All Natural Ingredients, Wholesale Pricing Available

Caperberries By Pons

All Natural Ingredients Wholesale Pricing Available

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Pons Caperberries are carefully hand picked between late spring and early summer from the “Capparis Spinosa” plant, which is a wild bush that grows in the Mediterranean regions of Spain. The caper is the blossom bud of this plant and is picked during the months of June, July and August. From the same bush, after blooming, the caperberry fruit develops.

Caperberries are hand picked and naturally fermented in a process, which guarantees their delicate texture, green color and unique flavor. They are preserved in a vinegar and salt brine and are used in much the same way as olives in salads, side dishes, appetizers and martinis.

Each jar of Pons Caperberries contains a net weight of 240g or 8.5 oz.

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