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Organic Seggiano Toscani Pasta
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Organic Seggiano Toscani Pasta

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Brand: Seggiano
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Manufacturer: Pastificio Toscano S.R.L.
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UPC / EAN Code: 8001232461142

Tags: organic, toscani, wheat, lily, bronze, All Natural Ingredients, Low Fat, USDA Organic Certified, Auto Delivery Eligible

Organic Seggiano Toscani Pasta

Organic All Natural Ingredients Low Fat USDA Organic Certified Auto Delivery Eligible

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Seggiano Organic Pasta is made in the Val d’Orcia in southern Tuscany, from the best quality, locally grown durum wheat. This wheat is organically grown and the grain is either refrigerated or stored in a controlled oxygen-free atmosphere before milling; organic grain does not undergo insecticide treatment during storage.

The pasta is dried slowly for 26 hours at low temperatures to preserve the original proteins and gluten of the wheat, giving the pasta its excellent consistency and flavor.

The various cuts of pasta are produced using traditional bronze molds, (as opposed to industrial teflon), which gives the pasta a porous texture, allowing sauces to bond with it more readily.

Toscani pasta are frilly shaped, reminiscent of a Tuscan Lily.

Each package of Seggiano Toscani Pasta contains 13 ounces or 375g.

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