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Fennel Essential Oil Crystals
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Fennel Essential Oil Crystals

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Tags: essential oils, fennel, fennel seed, agave, seasonings, Organic, All Natural Ingredients, Auto Delivery Eligible

Fennel Essential Oil Crystals

Organic All Natural Ingredients Auto Delivery Eligible

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Essential oil crystals are crystallized blue agave pulp steeped in essential oils of the finest food-grade quality, resulting in a 100% organic, 100% all natural and plant based seasoning often diminishing the need for extra sugars or salt.

Sprinkle them directly on to your preparations, as you would spices or seasonings. Just a pinch between your thumb and index finger per person is enough, depending on what you are cooking, meaning there are roughly 500 individual doses per jar!

The Fennel Essential Oil Crystals contain agave teqilana powder, fennel essential oil and biologically grown fennel seed. The flavor of fennel is wonderful on most Mediterranean recipes, ratatouille, bouillabaisse, fish sauces and even mashed potatoes and other vegetables.

Each shaker container of Fennel Essential Oil Crystals by Florisens contains 0.7oz. or 20g.

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