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Important Notice

Picture Of The Leaning Tower Of PisaAll digital photographs distributed from this site are Copyright 1999 by La Cucina Rustica LP. All rights reserved.

Usage And Distribution Guidelines

We are offering this collection of digital photographs to the Internet and World Wide Web community without charge in the hope that site developers, researchers, illustrators, students, and others will find them of use.

Non-commercial use of these images is allowed without restriction.

All we ask is that if they are used commercially, our copyright and Web site be acknowledged and a link to it provided. The URL is

Otherwise, use these images freely and let us know if you find them of use.

Some Details

All digital photos were taken using a Sony Digital Mavica Still Camera MVC-FD7 in May, 1999 in Campania and Naples, Italy. They are all distributed in their original format as 640 by 480 JPEG files.

The entire collection has been broken down into separate logical groups or "collections" (typically, each collection being comprised of photos from a single city). Each group has been compressed into an individually downloadable ZIP file. The index.txt file that accompanies each collection summarizes the contents of the collection.


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