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Agrumato Oil PictureAgrumato Oils

The making of agrumato oil is a very tedious and labor intensive process, resulting in a truly uniquely flavored olive oil.

For example, the Medi Terranea Lemon brand Agrumato Oil comes to us from the Abruzzo region of Italy, located directly across the Italian peninsula from Rome on the Adriatic Sea.

The olives are hand picked, and the lemons are organically grown. The olives and lemons are then crushed together in a traditional granite mill which is used for the making of extra virgin olive oil. The resulting paste is then pressed with a low pressure machine over a long period of time.

The end result is an incomparable oil of an intense green color dotted with yellow, and a strong fruity aroma of lemons and olives.

The Orange Agrumato is made according to the same process, substituting Blood Oranges for the lemons.

The end result of either variety is a ready to use product which can transform a good recipe into something fantastic!

We thank the kind folks at Medi Terranea for providing us with this background information.

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