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We publish a free EMail newsletter called Gourmet International, which focuses on a variety of topics related to gourmet food and beverages, recipes, international travel information, and other related topics.

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Contest Rules:

  1. This contest is open only to legal residents of the continental US who are at least 21 years of age.
  2. No purchase is neccessary.
  3. The contest winner shall be chosen by a random drawing from the pool comprised of all current entrants.
  4. The pool of current entrants shall be comprised of a) new subscribers to Gourmet International who have entered their subscription via the Contest page or pop up, b) existing subscribers to Gourmet International who have requested entry in the Contest via the designated page at, and c) any other parties that the management of may elect to add to the pool.
  5. A contest drawing shall be held monthly, provided that there be a minimum of 500 entrants in the pool. Should the number of entrants in the pool be less than this minimum number in any calendar month, all entrants in that month's pool shall be added to the following month's pool as if the entries had been made in that month.
  6. Upon selection of a winner, all current entrants shall be deleted from the pool, and a new pool of entrants shall be started.
  7. The contest winner shall receive a $100 gift certificate redeemable only for in stock merchandise at
  8. The contest winner must redeem this gift certificate within thirty (30) days of receipt by placing a single online order for the desired merchandise. Failure to place such an order within the thirty (30) day period shall render the certificate null and void.
  9. Should the contest winner wish to purchase merchandise in excess of the gift certificate amount, he must pay for the excess amount via a credit card supplied at the time the online order is placed. Should the contest winner choose merchandise whose total is less than the gift certificate amount, the difference shall be forfeited.
  10. Shipment shall be made to the contest winner using standard surface shipping only and to an address specified by the winner within the continenntal US.
  11. This contest may be cancelled or amended at any time without prior notice by the management of
  12. This contest is void where prohibited by law.