Venchi has expressed its core values through unique products infused with Italian flavor that reflects the traditions of Piedmont. Armed with the conviction that a quality product can only be created from carefully selected raw materials, they carry out painstaking work to choose their ingredients like certified Piedmont IGP hazelnuts; vegetable fats from olive oil, almonds, hazelnuts, pistachios, and cocoa butter; and high-quality fresh milk and cream.chocolate filled cigars

The box contains 15 individually wrapped handmade Venchi Aromatic “Cuba” Cigars has a rich center with intense roasted flavor wrapped in a double layer of dark chocolate. Made from high quality cocoa, these novelty cigars make great gifts for Father’s Day, groomsmen, birth announcements, wine and bourbon tasting parties, and more.

cremino bar

Venchi offsets the intensity of a creamy layer of milk chocolate and Piedmont hazelnut gianduja with a delicate layer of white almond gianduja. The result is a chunky handcrafted Cremino Bar with the two flavors wrapped in a layer of dark chocolate.




girottoAndrea Slitti, an award winning chocolatier, creates wild and wonderful
sensations using the finest cocoa available. Ingenious and delicious: just pop these blocks of Slitti’s milk chocolate on a stick (minimum 40% cocoa) into a mug of steaming milk, and then swirl to create a heavenly Italian hot chocolate beverage.



Il Colle del Gusto 

pistachiosaWe are all familiar with the Italian chocolate and hazelnut spreads available. Now, Il Colle del Gusto is offering a new, award winning alternative. Pistachiosa is made with a high percentage of Sicilian pistachio paste which gives it an intensely nutty flavor. The addition of extra virgin olive oil and sugar leaves a glossy sheen and velvety texture. It’s perfect for spreading on bread or for adding to various other dessert creations. This product is a Sophie Gold Award Winner.

Monograno Felicetti

kamut taglietelleKamut is a Khorasan-type durum wheat that originated in the Middle East several thousand years ago and is the ancestor of our modern grains. Kamut is twice the size of modern-day wheat and is known for its rich nutty flavor. These Kamut Tagliatelle are presented as small nests of flat pasta; a bit wider than fettuccine.


dipping crackers


Bella Cucina Artful Food

Bella Cucina’s scalloped shaped dipping cracker is a versatile wafer to serve with party dips, as a side for soups and salads or as a low-salt, low-cholesterol snack. Bella’s Dipping Crackers are a perfect pairing with their outstanding line of pesto and spreads. Try it with Bella Cucina Artichoke Lemon Pesto or Bella Cucina Roasted Eggplant Pesto. Top each dipping cracker with black olive spread or cheese. Two great easy to prepare recipes are included on the box.

Il Molino

il molino soapWe now offer Il Molino Collections. When you purchase either the Skin Care Collection for Men, Skin Care Collection for Face, Skin Care Collection for Body, Skin Care Collection for Hands, or the Soap Bar Collection, you save 10% off the individual product price.  Il Molino Organic Skin Care Products with Olive Oil use vegetable extracts and natural substances that are organically grown and extracted just prior to use, which makes them particularly effective as their active properties are preserved. The soothing and emollient ingredients in their olive oil cosmetics are not transformed and remain intact. The Il Molino Skin Care line contains no chemical solvents, only spring water. They have chosen to enrich the formulas with natural ingredients such as essential oils, medical herbs, seeds, flowers, and leaves. The entire line has been certified as organic by ICEA.


leblancsoapChantal-Marie and Hugues LeBlanc founded their company in 1994 and set out to produce various scented products according to old French traditions. Their fragrances come from Grasse, France, the famous perfume capital. All their soaps are made with pure vegetable oil with the addition of shea butter for extra moisture for the skin. We now carry four different scents: Honey, Lavender, Rose, and Natural Olive Oil.