I wanted to make a refreshing autumn drink, one apropos more for an Indian Summer than for a cold, wet day. The apple and cinnamon from the apple juice and Goldschlagger effect the flavors of autumn while the Cointreau and St. Germain, along with the fizz from the carbonated water, make the drink refreshing. It’s perfect for a temperate, sunny fall day.

I came up with this drink, when, after a jog a few days ago, I craved a sweet iced tea. I didn’t want the caffeine from the tea, though. So, parched as I was, I experimented a little with some cocktail ideas I had wanted to try anyway. Using apple juice instead of tea as the base, I developed this cocktail. In a slightly stronger version, I add bourbon as well, but after that jog, I wanted to guzzle a cool, refreshing drink that didn’t taste like alcohol. As the recipe stands (without the bourbon), it’s a delicious, refreshing drink perfect for a sunny fall day–jog or no jog.