Bonolio was established in 1934 by Vincenzo Bono, a dedicated gentleman who recognized the importance of EVOO. The company was then passed down to his four children who today lead the company. Michele, Damiano, Giuseppe, and Salvatore have taken to heart their father’s teaching, and today have created the largest Italian Organic and Sicilian Certified EVOO company in all of Italy and the world.Today, Bonolio olive oil factory now includes the biggest oil mill in Sicily, with an olive oil production capacity of 5 tons per hour distributed on four production lines, four bottle/can machine lines of a capacity of 24,000 bottles per hour and an olive oil stock capacity of over 5,000 tons. This while all concentrating on quality.

In addition to producing award-winning EVOOs, Bono uses the island’s world-famous citrus fruits to create simply mouthwatering organic maramalades. No where else in the world can you find an abundance of multiple varietals of blood oranges, lemons, and oranges as you can in Sicily. The climate in Sicily provides for the perfect growth and cultivation of citrus fruits.

Bono Sicilian EVOO


Val di Mazara Sicilian PDO Organic EVOO

Bono Val di Mazara Sicilian PDO Organic EVOO has an unmistakable aroma and flavor and is one of the best EVOOs from West – Central Sicily. Its unique characteristics earn it the recognition of P.D.O. from the European Union. The P.D.O. (protected denomination of origin) “Val Di Mazara” includes the entire province of Palermo and the west part of Agrigento province.

P.D.O Val Di Mazara-Sicily has won numerous awards, including best International/Italian EVOO at the Los Angeles competition in 2008, 2009, 2011, and 2012.

This cold-pressed oil is made from Biancolilla (50%), Cerasuola (40%), and Nocellara del Belice (10%) olives that give it its greenish yellow color. The aroma is delicate and persistent with hints of fresh grass, artichoke, and sometimes of green tomato typical of Sicily. It is medium fruity in taste, with hints of fresh grass, artichoke, and sometimes of green tomato, with a light and lovely peppery sensation.

Its aroma, delicate and persistent, and its fruity flavor, make it a marvelous seasoning to be used fresh (raw) on vegetables, soups, salads, and above all on warm bread and bruschetta.

Bono Unfiltered

Sicilian Unfiltered EVOO

Only the master olive oil producers know how to produce an unfiltered olive oil with an intense flavor of freshness.

Bono Unfiltered EVOO, produced from premium Biancolilla and Cerasuola olives cultivated in Italy, has an intense and persistent aroma and a delicate fruity flavor.

Bono Unfiltered EVOO is opaque green in color with a slight yellowish hue, with aromatic hints of grass and green tomato, and a lightly spicy aftertaste.

Use it for grilled meat, fish, soups, salads, dipping, and bruschetta.

Bono Sicilian Maramalades

Blood Orange

Sicilian Blood Orange Organic Marmalade

Bono Organic Sicilian Blood Orange Marmalade transports you to Mediterranean island breezes and sunny skies. This sweet, citrus marmalade is perfect for breakfast, brunch, and baking. Swirl a spoonful into Greek yogurt for a sensuous and healthy snack.


Sicilian Orange Organic Marmalade

Bono uses the finest selection of these organically-grown sun-kissed citrus fruits to make their conserves. This sweet and slightly bitter orange marmalade is perfect on just about anything. Spread on toast or add to your favorite quick bread and cake recipes for a lush and delicious twist.

Lemon Marmalade

Sicilian Lemon Organic Marmalade

The Sicilian lemon is world renown, and rightfully so. Hot, sunny days and cold nights, coupled with the volcanic soil the trees grow in, provide Sicilian lemons with a sweet taste that is difficult to find anywhere else on earth.

This scrumptious Sicilian Lemon Marmalade is the perfect balance of sweet meets tart. Of course, you can spread it on toast, croissants, and English muffins, but for an absolutely mouthwatering experience, substitute for lemon curd in pies and tarts.