Saveurs Walnut Oil

Saveurs Toasted Walnut Oil
Walnuts are harvested in France’s Auvergne region and then toasted just before expeller-pressing. The result is a delicate and rich walnut oil. Use it to dress salads, raw or steamed vegetables, fresh cheeses, or warm pasta. Finish sauteed dishes with a drizzle of walnut oil to achieve a delicious nutty flavor.

Classic Italian Sauce

Giuliano’s Classic
Italian Tomato Sauce

Made in small batches with imported D.O.P. San Marzano tomatoes, this is the sweet luscious tomato sauce that was a favorite of Giuliano Hazan’s when he was a child. He has adapted his mother, Marcella Hazan’s, recipe by blending the onion, his favorite part, into the sauce at the end.

Arnaud Camargue Sea Salt with Lemon Zest

Arnaud Camargue Sea Salt
with Lemon Zest & Wild Fennel

This crunchy sea salt, harvested from France’s famous Camargue salt marsh, is infused with lemon zest and wild fennel stalks. Before grilling, rub a generous pinch on fish, shellfish, steaks, roasts, or chicken. Discard the fennel. Can also be used to season pasta water, salads, dressings, and vegetables.

Dark chocolate covered espresso beans

Slitti Dark Chocolate
Covered Arabica Coffee Beans

Since 1969, Slitti has been a renowned coffee roaster and purveyor of the finest cocoa. Here the best Arabica coffee beans are selected and roasted and are then covered in a fine coating of Slitti’s dark chocolate to produce the most aromatic and flavorful treat.

Macarons de Pauline

Strawberry, Pistachio, & Chocolate
French Macarons de Pauline

Imported from Belgium, these fine macarons are light and puffy, filled with a burst of flavor, and melt in your mouth. Made with non-GMO ingredients like sugar, almonds, egg whites, chocolate, pistachios, strawberry concentrate, and hazelnuts; these Macarons de Pauline are absolutely delicious.