ChocoholicChocoholic Gift Pack
Do you know a chocolate lover? (And who doesn’t?) This collection of specialty chocolate beverages, bars, and a spread is sure to satisfy any chocolate craving.

Sea Salt Sampler Gift PackSea Salt Sampler Gift Pack
Rich in trace minerals, sea salt is produced through evaporation of ocean water, usually with little processing. Many people choose the taste and texture of sea salt over table salt, and will even have a preference as to where the salt is harvested. To help you decide, we put together this gift pack of three different types of sea salt harvested from salt mines in France, Italy, and Slovenia and a handy wooden salt spoon for scooping.

Truffle TemptationsTruffle Temptations Gift Pack

Produced in Italy’s unspoiled Marche region, T&C Tentazioni truffle condiments are concentrated and intense. A little goes a long way towards prized truffle aroma and flavor. This truffle expert offers an intoxicating experience. We assembled several of their best sellers for the Truffle Temptations Gift Pack.

Mini Cheese Lover's Fruit Confit SetL’Epicurien Mini Cheese Lover’s Fruit
Confit Gift Set
L’Epicurien slowly simmers their recipes in cauldrons where the deep and rich colors of fruits or vegetables, together with their delicate flavors, are deliciously revealed. From sweet to savory and everywhere in between, L’Epicurien produces a wide array of confits, jams, and spreads for any occasion. This smart collection of confit is suited for pairing with cheeses and comes in a convenient package for gifting.

Mini Flower Confit Gift SetL’Epicurien Mini Flower Confit Gift Set
Give your cheese board the taste and feel of spring with this L’Epicurien Flower Confit Set. All of your favorite spring flowers simmered slowly in cauldrons are packaged in a pretty box for gifting. Rose Petal Confit, Red Poppy Confit, and Violet Confit all have light flavors that compliment many foods.