Groix et Nature Seafood Rillettes

An artisanal canning factory on the island of Groix in the region of Brittany, Groix et Nature has eight employees, who prepare recipes with an inimitable sea taste every day. Their rillettes are made according to traditional know-how and are prepared simply, to release the authentic flavor of each locally caught fish. Served chilled as an appetizer, on toast points or bread. Choose from the following six flavors: Crab Rillettes, Lobster Rillettes with Kari Gosse, Scallop Rillettes, Mackerel Rillettes, Trout Rillettes, and Salmon Rillettes.


Terre Exotique Flower Waters

Terre Exotique Orange Blossom Water is produced by the families living in Cap Bon, Tunisia. This precious water is an essential ingredient used in local patisseries. Orange Blossom water is also traditionally used in Spanish King Cake, French madeleines, scones, Mexican wedding cakes, Arab variants of baklava, and in cocktails like the Ramos Gin Fizz.

Terre Exotique Rose Water is obtained from the hydro distillation of fresh rose flowers from France. The water is naturally permeated with the flavors and perfume of the flower. Use it to impart a delicate floral aroma to ice cream, baked goods, and many Eastern European dishes. Add a few drops to your favorite spirit to create your own craft cocktails.


Clement Faugier Whole Peeled Vacuum Packed Chestnuts

Since 1882, Clement Faugier has been making fine chestnut products from marrons glaces, creams, and whole chestnuts from France. These chestnuts are whole, cooked and peeled to make cooking and baking easy. Add them to stuffing, side dishes, or salads. Puree them for puddings, sauces, cakes, or soups. If you love to snack on whole chestnuts, eat them straight from the jar or candy them in simple syrup for your own version of marrons glaces.



Biscuiterie Dunkerquoise Pure Butter Waffles

In 1900, a pastry shop in what is now known as Dunkerque, France, started to make delicious butter waffles. These deliciously light pure butter waffle cookies are delightful with tea or coffee, or as a snack on their own. When the shop first began to make these waffle cookies, they only made them in the beginning of the year. It didn’t take long before there became such a high demand for them, that the shop started to produce them all year long. Now, you can enjoy the tastiness of Dunkerquoise Pure Butter Waffles from January to December.


Laguiole Salami Cave and Black Knife

The Laguiole Salami Cave and Black Knife with slide top is used to house and slice sausages without refrigeration. Made from solid wood, its clever and functional design includes two air holes to prevent moisture and keep dry sausages at optimum temperature. The signature black Laguiole knife cuts perfectly thin slices. The Laguiole knife has been crafted in the heart of France for over 200 years. Jean Dubost’s family, inspired by the traditional peasant tool, has been crafting the artisan blades since 1920. The blade, made of high-grade stainless steel, is stamped, then ground and then polished in over 25 different manual production stages. Soft and subtle to the touch, a Laguiole knife will stay sharp and will never rust.