Olio nuovo is the first EVOO to be released each year, meant to be enjoyed as soon as it comes out of the centrifuge. These freshly pressed oils are vibrant green in color with a robust taste and polyphenols galore. In short, olio nuovo, in its most intense raw state, is the ultimate condiment.

Tenuta di Capezzana
Contini Bonacossi Tenuta di Capezzana, Tuscany

Tenuta di Capezzana, in Carmignano outside Florence, has been producing wine and olive oil since 804 A.D., as evidenced by an ancient parchment found in the Florence state archives.

2016 Tasting Notes: This renowned estate celebrates another exquisite harvest from their Tuscan orchard. Made with four olive varietals—primarily Moraiolo and Frantoio—the resulting blend is complex, with a classic Tuscan pungency. Notes of green grass and apples come forward in this elegant, unctuous EVOO.

Suggestions for Use: Serve as a dressing for pinzimonio (Italian crudités) such as grilled fennel and zucchini; drizzle over greens such as kale, pasta with greens, or a green salad.

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Olio Verde
Gianfranco Becchinia’s Olio Verde, Sicily

Upon its first release in 1989, Gianfranco Becchina’s Olio Verde set new standards of quality in Sicily, a region previously recognized only for the quantity, not the quality, of its olive oils. Green, thick and very rich, Olio Verde still leads as an exceptional and exemplary EVOO.

2016 Tasting Notes: This luxurious oil—made with a single varietal olive, Nocellara del Belice—delivers forward flavors of fresh green olives, with an exotic spiciness that sparkles on the palate. Nutty notes are punctuated with aromas of freshly cut grass and hints of tomato leaf, followed by a lasting peppery finish. A seductive, herbaceous oil.

Suggestions for Use: Excellent with pork chops or over Jamón Ibérico; brighten up a warm-from-the-oven baked potato; use with any recipe featuring tomatoes, capers, or anchovies; perfect with pasta.

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Fratelli Aprile
Roberto and Daniele Fratelli Aprile 274th,
The last harvest of Biancolilla cultivar olives were hand-picked at the correct stage of maturation on October 1, 2016 and were carefully selected and cold-pressed within six hours of harvesting. Bottling was completed just a few days later on October 8, 2016.The oil is referred to as 274th Biancolilla because October 1st is the 274th day according to the Gregorian calendar, but it is also the first calendar day according to olives’ rhythm. It is the beginning. It is the first taste, the most delicate. It is the evidence of the great and difficult work of nature, but also the proof of nature’s generosity of time.Tasting Notes: Fratelli Aprile 274th Il Novello is intensely green in color with an intense aroma of tomato and lighter hints of fresh grass and fruit.

Suggestions for Use: Ideal for delicate dishes, especially white fish, salads, some red meats, or just with bread.

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