The clay in Deruta, Italy is good for ceramics. Production of these ceramics began in the Early Middle Ages and hit its artistic peak somewhere around the early 16th century. Deruta ceramics are highly stylized with each locality claiming its own design and often, its own lustrous hues.

CyberCucina is happy to announce we now offer fine Deruta maiolica ceramic tableware from Geribi Ceramics.

Gerardo Ribigini is the owner and artistic force behind Geribi Ceramics in Deruta, Italy, which he founded in 1982. By maintaining a focus on the classical Deruta ceramic style, Ribigini has been mastering his craft while adding his own hand painted variations to each of the traditional designs. In the world of mass production, standardization, and sameness, Geribi Ceramics stand alone.

Foglie Pattern Deruta 12” Serving Bowl by Geribi

Evoking classic 16th century designs, the Foglie pattern uses gold-colored foliage against a dark blue background to create one of the collection’s most elegant designs.