This Extra Virgin Olive Oil And Sherry Wine Vinegar brings together two exceptional products from Spain.

Romanico Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil is an incomparable oil from Arbequina olives characterized by the delicate nuances of their flavors and textures. It emits a delicate aroma, robust body, yellowish green color, and has a lightly fruited, slightly sweet taste.

L’Estornell Reserva Sherry Wine Vinegar is aged in a solera of 24 Oak casks, has a pungent aroma, and its taste of nuts and ripe fruit is delicately balanced by a tangy acidity.

Enjoy its intense flavor as a dressing for greens, in warm salads, cooked dishes, and as a companion to the Arbequina oil.

Our Elite Spanish Combo Gourmet Gift Pack is presented in a stylish gift box.